Behind the Badge: A Cup of Coffee with a Poetess Cop

The female cop has held a media mystique from the days of pioneering glamazon Angie Dickenson’s Police Woman to The Killing’s austere Sarah Linder and cop-next-door Ellie Miller in Broadchurch.  Such danger and heartache! What inspires that career path in real … Continue reading

Jacki Zehner: Game-Changer in Focused Philanthropy

Jacki Zehner saw first-hand the importance of helping others, watching her mother take the initiative with those less fortunate in her Canadian hometown — driving them to doctor’s appointments, cooking for them, generally seeing a need and filling it. Then, … Continue reading

New Season!

After a summer of special projects, we’re back on the blogging track — with new insights on how to achieve The Perfect Fit in multiple facets of work and life.  Stay tuned!

What’s Your Bag, ctd.

Winning candidate to fit a Big Bag culture: The perfect wallet — a 3-zip accessory from LeSportsac, my preference since the company launched. * Nylon, practically weightless * Doesn’t look like a wallet (anti-pickpocket!) * Fits into interior zip pocket … Continue reading

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