Celebrate the Season: A Different Kind of List

Forget the Bucket List.  (with apologies to Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman…)  Too much focus on I want…Gotta do….Wouldn’t it be great. 
And don’t even get me started on the New Year’s Resolution roster.  Too much focus on I’m not a good enough person yet…Gotta lost 10 pounds…Get up and work out every morning…Why does my list look the same every year????
Quick. Grab a sheet of paper.  Or send yourself an email.  Make a Celebration List.  All the things you DID accomplish this year.  Don’t skimp.  Include the biggies and any small victories.
Special moments that made you — or others — smile.  Making things better for the people who matter most.   Helping or recognizing others.  Learning something new.  Sharing something you know with others. Slogging through something you didn’t want to do but did.  Re-connecting with special people from the past.  Making new friends.
(Think of why Facebook has zoomed to 500 million users.  It’s an easy and compelling outreach platform!)  
Many items on the list are due to wonderful friends and colleagues who generously give time, expertise, confidence and support — to enable our progress.  Here’s a seasonal toast.  You know who you are!!!!

As the economy continues to limp along, the list might not be as robust in revenue-generating accomplishments as in earlier boom years.  Here’s the big benefit of a downturn.  It forces us to focus on the little things that really matter — maybe more than the big material things that are elusive for many in this market.  Maybe your list has more focus on personal, health, family.  How perfectly fitting!

So give yourself a little credit this holiday season – the kind that doesn’t show up on a MasterCard.
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