Corporate Consulting

Talent Diagnostics and Deliverables

Did you ever wish you could access top expertise — without committing to a long-term engagement?

With a career foundation in marketing/PR and ten years in retained executive search, Nancy can add a level of savvy and surety to your talent-related issues and opportunities and reduce the risk of costly mistakes and mis-steps.

Through The Perfect Fit, you can tap a strong base of been-there/done-that experience to jump-start a project, supplement existing resources, provide a second opinion or ensure an element of confidentiality.

The Perfect Fit does not conduct executive search assignments, thus there is no conflict of interest with planning, assessment or retention projects.  The emphasis is on talent-related advisory services based on your needs.

Talent Planning

For middle market CEOs and entrepreneurs considering a strategic hire

  • How to infuse new talent without alienating existing team
  • Title, responsibilities, requirements
  • Compensation
  • Time frame
  • Develop position specification and messaging
  • Help you determine recruitment resources
  • Do-it-yourself, retained, contingency, fractional or temp-to-hire

Team Assessments

For new executives stepping into an organization
For investors considering an acquisition

  • In-depth interviews with select team members
  • Outside, third-party objectivity
  • Probing for potential issues, possible defections
  • Detailed appraisal reports


For hiring managers who don’t get to choose the recruitment resource, due to corporate policy/cost-cutting measures

  • In-depth input session
  • Development of materials and messages for you to provide to HR or the outsourced resource
  • Position specifications, posting possibilities, blast email content, etc.
  • Adding an element of top retained executive search savvy to in-house or contingency recruiting resource

Recruitment Revitalization

For CEOs, HR leaders, Outside Recruiting Firms

  • Review of current resources, results
  • Evaluation of messaging, materials, sourcing channels, candidate communications, interview process
  • Recommendations for improvement

High Potential Retention Regimen

For CEOs, Corporate Managers

  • In-depth interviews with top talent you want to keep
  • Career planning strategies within the company
  • Explore community/industry leadership opportunities
  • Detailed appraisal report, findings, recommendations

Talent/Recruitment a la Carte 

For middle market CEOs and entrepreneurs, a “cafeteria” approach for services of your choosing.

  • Resume reviews
  • Candidate screening
  • Conduct in-depth interviews with finalist candidates
  • Provide detailed appraisal reports
  • Conduct phone interviews with candidate references
  • Provide detailed reference report












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