Decision + Trend + Change = Plan B

Every day people make decisions.  What to eat.  Where to go.  What to buy.  Whom to hire.  Or not.
It doesn’t happen in a vacuum.  There is a ripple effect.  We all experience the reaction — at some point.  Technology and economic circumstances are powerful drivers.  Time and money.  Or lack, thereof. 
The decisionmakers decide.  Yes. No. Not now.  Next quarter.  The decisions string together to form a trend.  Trends are soft and bend-y.   They curve left or right.  They sometimes disappear.  Fads and phases. 
When trends escalate and hold their power, they solidify into change.  Tough. Unyielding.  Think of a hockey stick.  It can pack a wallop.  Unpleasant upon impact.  Ouch!
When we don’t get the result we want, there’s a reason.  A dirty little word.  C-H-A-N-G-E.  Thus, it’s time to delve into the challenge.  Find our inner grit.  Lose the ego.  Tweak it up.  Try something new. 
The market is not going to flex to us.  We have to flex into the market!  If you’re trying to do something the way you’ve always done it — to no avail – think of the message you’re transmitting to your audience.
There’s only one way to do it.  My way!  
Time to get creative and build a re-invention roadmap.  It’s not easy.  You won’t know the answers right away.  But it could free you from the past and deliver something fresh and wonderful. 
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