Forget New Year’s Resolutions: TARGET!

Why is the annual ritual of resolutions destined to fail? 
Because the list is always populated by things that people don’t want to do.  Exercise more.  Eat less.  Become a morning person.  No wine on weekdays.  Get a new job.  Save more.  Spend less.  Get a new job. Stop smoking.  Start networking.  Whatever.
Without a bigger context, resolutions are not strategic.  They’re too rules-oriented for most.  The message to the listmaker is:  You’re not perfect!  And who is???
Maybe it’s time to be revolutionary. Select an important and worthy target.  A reward!  Something delicious and wonderful.  Something you really want.  Something that would improve the happiness factor in your life.    
Really, really delve deeply into the underlying issues, desires and needs.  The actual target might be different than you think.  
We explored this concept at a meeting of C-Level women in transition.  The logical goal of the participants:  find another C-Level job.  But here are the questions we explored:
*  Do you really want a traditional job-job inside a big company?
*  Do you need revenue?  How much?
*  How many C-level jobs do you think exist in our local market?
*  How many of them are interested in 50-65 year old candidates?  
*  If you’re targeting entrepreneurial companies, how many founders want to cede power by creating a new C-level position for an outsider?  
*  Alternatively, how many companies are interested in outsourced expertise?
*  Could you achieve your revenue goals as a consultant?
*  Or…are you targeting a job inside a company because you need health-care benefits?
*  Could you get the health care benefits inside a non-profit organization?
*  What really makes you happy?
*  Are you incorporating this into your target?
You get the picture.
This exercise can be applied at any stage of life — for either business or personal purposes. 
Delve into the details of the target and define what is really important.  Then you can tweak some behavior and actions around it.  Even better, you can get rid of routines that don’t advance the goal.  A priority-minded focus — wrapped in a desirable reward — can work.  And it will have the ripple effect of producing other benefits, achievements and by-products.   
Stay tuned for next steps — and some success stories — in a subsequent blogpost!
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