Jerry Sandusky: In His Own Words

The headlines coming out of Happy Valley these days are anything but…

I grew up in in Central Pennsylvania where football is king and Joe Paterno was at the top of the stratosphere.  We all knew friends, neighbors and parishioners who played for him at Penn State.  He spoke at our high school athletic banquets.  He offered a brand of leadership and intellect — a message that sold well on the recruiting circuit.   

But who is Jerry Sandusky?  

This is how he described himself in the book he wrote about himself, Touched.  You can see it on the Look Inside feature on 

“Here I was, a grown man and a coach for a nationally respected football institution, and I had reverted back to the days of my mischievous youth.  I had always professed that someday I would reap the benefits of maturity, but my lifestyle just wouldn’t let me.  There were so many things I had done in my life – so many of them crazy and outlandish.  But I have always had fun, and one thing is for certain:  My time on this earth has always been unique.  At the times when I found myself searching for maturity, I usually came up with insanity.  That’s the way it is in the life of Gerald Arthur Sandusky.”  — Chapter 2/Tylerdale

Look for this excerpt to be reprised many times in the coming months.

An interesting character synopsis, wouldn’t you say?

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