Managing in the White Space

The nature of business structure is changing. Organizations are flattening. Due to the proliferation of outsourcing, many resources are now housed outside of the company.

62 percent of respondents in a leadership survey by Hay Group (excellent recommended reading) indicated that matrix roles are increasing in their organizations. The top down culture is fading.

It’s called “managing in the white space” and new skills are required in this new world order.

The challenges, according to Hay research, include:

  • Need for collaboration
  • Creating a cohesive team
  • Not having authority over resources
  • Conflicts (e.g., different agendas, goals, or priorities.)
  • Confusion over roles, decision-making authority and accountability

How do you harness and cajole resources to deliver the results? What do C-level decisionmakers need from their outside consultants and functional teams? What managerial magic do you need to deal with the four different demographic groups in the current work environment — both inside and outside the company? It’s complicated!


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