What Motivates Change?

You’re buzzing along in life, minding your own business.  Then, an announcement implodes the routine.

Another re-organization in your company.  Or worse, downsizing.  You receive a rejection from (fill in the blank).   A key client defects to a competitor.  Your #1 salesperson quits.  Your (fill in the blank) calls in sick.  An ice storm is forecast the day of an event you’re chairing.  You have to upgrade your iPhone to the new OS.


Scream-inducing change is the worst.  But, in a way, it is also the easiest — because you don’t have a choice.  You have to act.  You have to move forward, the mantra of Don Draper in the TV show Mad Men.

As a blogger and consultant, I’m both a student and purveyor of change.  I’ve led presentations, created tools and implemented processes to increase sureness and ease the pain. But it’s complicated.  In these days of uncertainty and risk-aversion, what might motivate someone to invoke change if it wasn’t absolutely necessary or thrust upon you?

The underlying motivation is a four letter word.  L-O-V-E.

The power of the heart is what propels us to break the pattern…do the uncomfortable…try something new.  The reward is simple. All related to something — or someone — we love.

The principle is applicable in matters of work, family, community, career, school, friendship, romance.  It’s the theme of the most popular and enduring songs of all time.  Just scope this historical roster from ASCAP. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Love is deeper than happiness.  It’s an ocean vs. a puddle.  A feeling of happiness is to be celebrated.  But it’s a moment — until you need more happiness (another Don Draper-ism).

But love sustains.  It nourishes.  It’s at our core — in brightness and darkness, sickness and health, togetherness and alone-ness. It encourages us to stand up to others.  To focus where we know we can deliver and succeed.  To delight in the solace and comfort of those we love and enjoy most.

Love is the bond-builder in teamwork — those persevering in the trenches together when danger threatens.  Love rewards us for who we are.  It draws out the best in us even when we doubt ourselves.  It requires sacrifice.  But oh what a reward!

It’s an energizing force that also moves the economic needle.  Customers buy products they love. Team members go the extra mile for a boss they love.

Love tips the scales and moves us to do something we’ve previously avoided.  Tap into its power for purposes of relationship-building — or for deep understanding of those you are trying to influence or understand.

Change your mind.  Change your business.  Change your outcome.  Change your life.

When you unleash the power of love, that’s when the magic happens.

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