ReMix — Re-tune your Life!


(def.) To recombine (audio tracks or channels from a recording) to produce a new or modified audio recording: i.e., remix a popular ballad and turn it into a digital hit.

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In the age of re-invention, how far do we have to go to find a new path?

To get to the future, a first step might be to explore the past.

This goes back to Morris Massey, the organizational development guru who was early to articulate generational differences in the workplace… and how our values are shaped early in our formative years.

His work was entitled What You Are is Where You Were When, a throwback to who you were growing up and the inflection points that made us look beyond our immediate personal world to see the bigger picture and how it all fits together.

It’s why nostalgia is so compelling, why we are drawn to the music and memories of our past.

As we evolve through adulthood, do we lose the core elements that created delight, satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment in our childhood?  Do we morph into process and efficiency masters in order to function and succees in an uber-competitive world?

To create a fresh direction, you might not have to write a completely new song.  Revisit the memories of early childhood to find the clues.  What were your earliest skills?  What were the passions that attracted you to games, social activities or pursuit of a particular study?

For those seeking a tweak for a new phase of life,  a look back can help you move forward.  The old music is still good music.  Maybe it just needs to be modernized.

Do a remix!

In future posts, look for profiles of those who are who are successfully mixing it up — creating a work/life blend that is The Perfect Fit!

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