The Changeometer™


How are you allocating your resources in your personal and professional world?  Are you getting the results you want for the time and energy extended?  Are you having fun in any segment of your life?  Is there something you want that is eluding you?  Are you innovating — or stagnating?

It might be time to revitalize your vision and re-evaluate your portfolio of activities and commitments.   The key is to find The Perfect Fit of initiatives that work for you – from both a personal and career standpoint.

Work/life strategist Nancy Keene has developed a framework for strategic decisionmaking based on the power of focus and synergy.  The Changeometer™ draws on a key principle:  Be focused.  Not fragmented.  It empowers you to commit to high-value initiatives, eliminate non-core items and catapult to the results that are important to YOU.

The Changeometer ™ is effective, yet easy to learn.  It’s a very smart path to a different outcome – a lens through which you view the onslaught of requests, demands and opportunities to determine the best allocation of your most valuable resource.  You!

Whether you are seeking career advancement, growth for your organization, quality-of-life or personal re-invention, the principles of this purposeful and proactive program apply – and you can put them to work immediately!

Strategic.  Action-able.  Pragmatic.

There is a plethora of task-management systems out there.  Maybe you’ve taken some of the coursework.

The Changeometer has a contrarian view.  Instead of spending time learning how to manage an inundation of action items, we think you should get rid of activities and obligations that no longer fit your agenda.

This is the first step in getting to a strategic, higher-level approach.

Then, we look at messaging and what is being projected.  We help you create some breathing room in your bandwidth and give you time to explore initiatives that would make a difference in propelling to the goal.

And…it’s all wrapped up in a single Changeometer dashboard to keep you on track.

There are tools to support the key components.  And a way to share success tips.

It’s quick.  It’s effective.  You can do it!

Target.  Tweak.  Deploy.

It’s quick.  It’s effective.  You can do it!

In a 60-90 minute program, you can master the secrets of the Changeometer and begin implementing the principles immediately.

  • Quickly assess your commitments, activities and habits
  • Unburden yourself of the things that are likely holding you back from the goals and rewards you would like to achieve
  • Revise the message you are delivering to your various constituencies
  • Capitalize on the power of repetition and synergy
  • Capture the value of your networks and relationships
  • Gain bandwidth to deliver excellence and satisfaction
  • Indulge in the luxury of evaluating truly strategic opportunities that can propel you to your vision


We’re living in a world wreaked with change, competitive challenges and economic uncertainties.  Many of us feel buried and burdened — trying to cope with the rigors of an environment we did not choose.

In the darkness, there is hope!

The Changeometer helps you defy the status quo and enjoy a sense of forward movement, not to mention the power of exerting deliberate, personal choice — taking steps that will deliver something you want.

“Change is not always a welcome visitor,” says Changeometer developer Nancy Keene. “But when YOU are the decider, it can be exhilarating — leading to a new and happy destination. ”


Customized for You

The Changeometer can be customized to fit the needs of your organization, based on a preliminary input session.






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