The Transparent Life™ — Nowhere to Run

Welcome to the newest form of infotainment.

Life: A Reality Show. Starring…you!

Proliferation of new technologies + social media + open communication + electronic paper trail + GPS = dynamite combination.

We had a lively discussion on the full impact of social media at Dallas COO Forum in June. Some companies want to forbid use of Facebook and other on-line outlets. Others want to embrace and leverage the new and inevitable. It’s a dialog taking place in conference rooms all over the world.

The bottom line is: You can’t be a hypocrite, anymore.

If you are doing things in “private” that you don’t want to become ”public” you are operating behind a veil of naïvete. It can be lifted instantly — prompting a very chilly and often embarrassing exposure.

We’re all in public life, now. Even if we haven’t been elected.

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