What is the Perfect Fit?

The Perfect Fit is what we are all looking for in life — whether it is a job, a new team member in business, a romantic partner, a wonderful book that keeps us captivated/enlightened, a recipe ingredient, item of apparel or even a comfortable chair.

When we find The Perfect Fit, we feel a glow of of happiness, security and satisfaction. A little touch of bliss. It’s what life is all about!

But to clarify, this is not the search for extreme perfectionism — or inertia, i.e., not moving frorward because nothing is good enough.

The illustration for this post is a wonderful entry for the word ”fit” from the Visual Thesaurus. The Perfect Fit, in my philosophy, infers something situational — something that is right for the moment or the unique economic environment. It is happiness in celebration of the special pleasures and accomplishments of daily life. The right words that resonate when you are trying to make a point, achieve progress or express thanks/gratitude. It implies movement, adapting and possibly a bit of compromise.

Regarding the negative aspect of the definition, a little hissy fit every once in a while in confined quarters with a limited audience is probably a healthy thing in the interest of drawing boundaries, standing up for oneself, etc. But use sparingly! Perhaps write things down, get a second opinion, infuse a dose of diplomacy and lay out plan for resolution before indulging in spontaneous combustion.



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